There is more to the story…

When first reporting on Lake Merced it seemed as though there was not much going on, other than runners getting exercise and golfers hacking away on the greens that consume majority of the area. Little did I know as a reporter there is much more going on than meets the eye.  With controversy brewing over … Continue reading

Stonestown Galleria Farmer’s Market

They say you are what you eat, so why not eat pesticide and spray free produce grown by local farmers from around the bay area? Stonestown’s farmers market, put on by the Agricultural Institute of Marin, is held at the back side of Macy’s at the Galleria located off of 19th Avenue from 9 a.m. … Continue reading

Crime Alert: A Snatch and Go Trend

Students and residents around the San Francisco State area should be on alert due to a new crime trend that has been occurring around campus referred to as the ‘grab and go’ crime.  Student Kelly Mast recently felt the effects of this crime trend when she had her smartphone literally snatched right out of her … Continue reading

A Day Off

A Day Off

When work piles up and the stress becomes too much to take, consider taking a day off and exploring all that the Lake Merced area has to offer. Whether you are just stopping by, or have a whole weekend to spare, these ten stops will be refreshing and rejuvenating for the work week ahead. With … Continue reading

Running in the Rain

The clouds set in and the umbrellas went up in San Francisco. Rain finally trickled to the ground after weeks of dry weather in the city. Lake Merced was filled with tiny droplets of precipitation, and although the weather was gloomy runners were still up for the challenge. Although many were headed indoors to snuggle on … Continue reading